Thursday, January 21, 2010

When I scratch my head I get white creamy Stuff under my nails, What is This?

oh my gosh i used to always get gross!

my hair cutter told me to get ';tea tree special shampoo'; by paul mitchell. not too expensive, and it made that stuff go away and now i'm good! make sure you rinse your conditioner out realllly good afterwards.When I scratch my head I get white creamy Stuff under my nails, What is This?
It's definitely just dead skin mixed with the natural oils that your hair follicles produce. It's nothing harmful or anything to worry about- just don't let you scalp dry out, because that ';creamy'; texture will turn to a dry, flakey texture and cause dandruff!!When I scratch my head I get white creamy Stuff under my nails, What is This?
It's like dry scalp but whatever shampoo conditioner your are using may be causing build up. Or...if you wait to wash your hair for a day or two this is why.
its because your head scalp is dry..and that falls as white particles..its called dandruff

place oil in your scalp and after 30 mins rinse your hair with herbal shampoo
could be dead skin cells... or shampoo that you didn't rinse all the way out... or dead hair gel
It's scalp build up. No big deal, goes away with shampooing, just rub your scalp vigorously.
I had this in high school i know what you talking about. I never went to the doctor so my answer is from experience I used to use gel and hair spray i think the build up from those product causes that to happen. good luck hope this helps. now I have a shaved head and i don't use anything at I don't have that problem any longer
What is this? It's disgusting.
dead skin cells from your scalp
its dead skin cells. The next time you are in the shower, take your fingers and rub them on your scalp in circular motions, but with your fingertips and not your nails. this will help get rid of any missed shampoo or conditioner still hiding under layers of hair.
its dandruff also known as skin on your head
your scalp is mushy because you are stupid. or you dont rinse your shampoo/conditioner out all the way
Dandriff... make sure ur washing out all ur shampoo in the shower and switch to a dandriff shampoo
it's probably not dandruff. just be sure and scrub your scalp when you wash (don't just run it through your hair and rinse), then when you get out, brush it with a brush for about 30 seconds, even if it's short. if you get dry flakes after that it's dandruff.. but i think you just need to wash your hair better, esp if it's creamy?!?
Oily dead skin cells..
It is definitely dead skin cells.
Dandruff. When you wash your hair, scrub the scalp with your fingers.

Also, quit scratching your head.
probably dandruff or some other form of dead skin. you may need a better shampoo.
it's definitely dandruff
Could be your not rinsing your hair fully. Or dry scalp.
wash your hair...use a moisturizing shampoo and mix dandruff stuff in it a little dont' have dandruff but it sounds like your dead cells are turning over pretty good on your scalp...

wash your hair maybe a day more often
It's either dandruff, oily scalp, or just your shampoo or conditioner. You may also be using a lot of hair gel / hairspray or mousse, which will also produce a lot of build-up. Wash your hair every day with a shampoo called Head %26amp; Shoulders. It's not expensive (Costco sells it; that just shows you how cheap it is) and it's supposed to get rid of dandruff and works really well. Some of my classmates, both male and female, use it even though they don't have dandruff because it smells good. Plus, it's easy to wash out.

Tips to get rid of this condition:

- Make sure you FULLY wash out all shampoo and conditioner from your hair.

- Wash your hair every night.

- Don't sweat unnecessarily.

- Try not to use gel/spray/mousse.

- Clip your nails and stop scratching your head.

After a month or so, this ';white creamy stuff'; will be gone. Good luck ... hope it disappears!
it's dandruff! I suggest you use Head %26amp; Shoulder Shampoo

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